Finish Your Bong Load!
- Tuesday 27 Nov 2007 04:31:00 PST

One of the most annoying things you can do as a smoker is pass a dusted bowl. If you are packed a bowl, ask if it is expected to be \"snapped\" or finished by you. If so take your time but not take to long. No one wants to wait around 10 minutes for you to finish your bong load. Some people think the bong is a microphone as well or do not clear the tube. Please do not be one of these people. It is very lame. Make sure to finish your bowl before passing the bong to the next person. If the bowl is a large one and meant for more than one smoker, burn a little corner and leave a proper amount of \"greens\" for the rest of the circle. It is very rude when someone takes all the \"greens\" of the bowl and leaves everyone else with burnt weed.

Finish your bong load!

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