Getting #High With Your #Supply
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Weed Connection and our culture are evolving as will this post. Smoke your supplier out or vice versa? The consensus @WeedConnection is both. Everyone should bring something to the session, not necessarily each time, but there should definitely be plenty of getting high with your supply. Back in the day it was common good etiquette amongst civilized tokers, and required in some circles, for one to smoke their dealer out, as if to prove they were cool. There were some exceptions, but the supplier was probably risking something and it was probably better than receiving a pinched bag or that might have led to better access. It was also good etiquette for a supplier to match treez. What about when the connection is established, knows you are cool, is hooking quantity, lowering their costs, and banking? This is when it is time for the supplier, who still has a business to run, to pay it back with more bowl packs and phat sacks. What about getting high on your own supply? A successful supplier can or used to be able to acquire and keep more clients if they got high (medicated) together, plus the price for suppliers ranges from free to at cost, so the supplier does not really lose unless they smoke or give away all of the product. The real question, especially with so many options these days, is why would you get your medz from, support, or trust a supplier who does not practice the art of getting high with and on your own supply? The best and probably only good reason for that would be if they do a lot to support the cause and advertise here. Connect with your heads and get your medz where @WeedConnection recommends getting high with your supply.

  Getting #High With Your #Supply

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