Lighter Etiquette
- Fri, 08 Apr 2011 15:21:30 PST

Everyone has stolen a lighter at least once. You probably have half a dozen lighters sitting in your drawer right now. Stealing lighters is a bad habit and can really leave your friends pissed off. It is cool if you accidentally steal a lighter so long as you follow these few simple rules: 1) If you have the lighter and the person asks you for it, then you must return it immediately. 2) If it is a cool, unique, rare, or expensive not take it. 3) If you realize that you accidentally stole the lighter, return or replace it. 4) You can make a game out of and win points for stealing lighters so long as the owner of the lighter knows these rules.

Lighter Etiquette

Wheres My Lighter At? by Hi Guys

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