#HighTimes #CannabisCup
Event Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2013 04:20:00 PST
Location: NOS Events Center, San Bernardino, CA
Website: https://facebook.com/weedconnection
Email: russellrope@weedconnection.com

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#HighTimes #CannabisCup#HighTimes #CannabisCup
#HighTimes #CannabisCup#HighTimes #CannabisCup#HighTimes #CannabisCup

Welcome to Dab City California, home of the Los Angeles High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino. This highly medicated event turned out to be a success despite several setbacks by LAPD and other probable opposition. High Times relocated the event not once, but twice, resulting in a good time at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino; the location of Guerilla Union's SmokeOut, Paid Dues, Rock the Bells, and Spring Gathering. There were many champions at this cup, which featured unlimited dabs and a chill concert by Redman and The Game. Thanks to M. Stang, Kush House, Dab City, Chronic Ice, The Cali Connection, and Badass Glass. List of winners, video and photos in queue @WeedConnection

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