THC Expo
Event Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2009 14:20:00 PST
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center

THC EXPO Is the largest indoor exposition in the world highlighting the myriad of uses surrounding the famous Cannabis/Hemp plantTHC EXPO Has 96,000 sq ft of retail space dedicated to Cannabis/Hemp products open to the publicJune 13th and 14th at the LOS Angeles Convention Center THC EXPOWill feature Industrial Hemp products, Medical Marijuana clubs,Educational literature and bongs along with many other productsTHC EXPOSave time at the door by buying on line!Ticket sales for June 13th and 14th go on sale 4/20/2009 @ www.thcexpo.comPurchase both days here at the site starting April 20th for $20.00 and get a FREETHC EXPO 2009 T-SHIRTTICKETS: on sale 4/20/2009 Children under 13 admitted free with parent or guardianANY and ALL QUESTIONS: info@thcexpo.comFOR SALES:

THC Expo

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