$100 #OG #Kush
Acquired From: OGR
Price: $ Gift / Donation
Reviewed By: russellrope@weedconnection.com
- Fri, 20 Jul 2012 04:20:00 PST

$100 OG Kush (Hundred Dollar O.G.) is a killer strain of OG Kush that reigns from the San Fernando Valley (SFV). There is a rumor that the name is intended to poke fun at higher priced clubs, specifically in Hollywood, who actually value their top OG strains for or near $100 an 8th. Different strains of weed baiscally cost the same amount of money to grow, so there is a notion that greed comes into play here. However, I remember back in the day when OG Kush first started to surface in the SFV and it easily went for $100 an 8th in the SFV. Today, you can get $100 OG for around a $50 donation in the SFV. My opinion: it is economics; supply and demand and quality. For me, the name means that the quality of the kush is what one would have paid $100 for an 8th "back in the days when I was young I am not a kid anymore, but some days I [do not] sit and wish I was a kid again." The nug photgraphed weighs nearly 3.5 grams. Most of the nugs in this batch are dense and gigantic. According to the bud tender, much larger nugs were harvested. All in all, this is some bomb indica domiant bud, which was acquired yesterday, so you can get some today @ OGR mention @WeedConnection

$100 #OG #Kush

Bonus instaGram Photo: https://instagram.com/p/NT-_7eJm4y

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