Gods Gift x Granddaddy Purp
Acquired From: Roots Collective of Woodland Hills
Price: $15/G, $45/8th, $11/Pipe
Reviewed By: buffalosoldier@weedconnection.com
- Thu, 25 Mar 2010 23:09:00 PST

This batch of God's Gift x Granddaddy Purp is just as one who is familiar with either strain would expect. It looks like God's Gift with more dark royal purple hues in contrast to the green-yellow plant matter and orange hairs. The nugs are dense and there is a sweet grape after taste. For an indica dominant flower, the fade is suprisingly clear, up, and functional. All in all, this batch was good, but it did dry up pretty quick and did not compare to the True OG that we picked up during the same visit to Roots.

The glass piece photographed is called the 12 Gauge (multiple colors available) and was crafted by StarfishGlassDesigns@gmail.com This is a very individual piece and it is extra iLL becuz a real shell has a copper tip, which is toxic to human lips; the mouth piece on this 12 Gauge shell is glass!! TiGHT BANGiN!!!

Gods Gift x Granddaddy Purp

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