#Caviar #Hash
Acquired From: OGR, AHS, ZZZ
Price: $20-25/hG, $40-50/G
Reviewed By: maryjane@weedconnection.com
medz :: concentrates
- Sun, 30 Mar 2014 04:20:21 PST

Caviar Hash is a dope form of concentrate best blazed with some flowerz. Our connects make it with both OG or Black Diamond. Both strains are dank with a sharp and sweet kick in the hit. This stuff is really easy to work with, so mix it up with some budz, blaze, vape, dab, or twist it and get lifted. Classy and sassy. Available at multiple locations. Email for current information. Support, subscribe, follow, and mention @WeedConnection

#Caviar #Hash 

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