Original OG Kush - PURE Glass
Acquired From: [removed for now] real, better, & cheaper og in valley
Price: $17.14/G, $60/8th
Reviewed By: russellrope@weedconnection.com
- Wed, 12 May 2010 04:20:33 PST

Pack a PURE bong & sing along to this OG song! This herb fadez like Cypress Hill - Rise Up - on radio waves. Check out PURE glass today! We have reviewed OG Kush so many times on this site... that we just might... try something new and bust out an ill glass review, or a few!! Thanks to Bin @ PURE for hooking this up!!! About thirteen inches from the base to the top, with a narrow tube and small double bubble; this water-pipe is more like a big bubbler ready to get into trouble. The glass can pass for double thick; love the color green!...pass on the visine...don't need it to read the shaved insignia "PURE...glass" is dope for a bong blast! We like the removable female piece; that, and the downstem are glass on glass. The matching green bowl has a nice small hole and a shallow bowl that is only good for snapz. There is a bonus ice pinch, but you have to melt most standard ice cubes to get them to slide down the tube like sinch. When you take the size out of the equation, this piece is sleek and functional. Visit [removed for now] to fill your kush bowl; Weed Connection got soul! Wuz told that weight at PURE glass just sold!! ~~~

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Original OG Kush - PURE Glass††† Original OG Kush - PURE Glass

Original OG Kush - PURE Glass††† Original OG Kush - PURE Glass

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