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Reviewed By: russellrope@weedconnection.com
- Wed, 29 May 2013 04:20:00 PST

Fire OG CO2 Wax is a dank concentrate, which is made with Fire OG Kush and an organic CO2 extraction method. The texture is waxlike, but not very sticky, translucent and light yellow in color. Most wax smells and tastes delcious while not emitting the stink known to flowerz. Take a dab, vape hit, twist some up in a joint/blunt, or pack some on a bowl. You can actually taste the potency in the strong and sweet flavor. This hot fiya will take you hiya. Get some extracts and Hit It Once glass at OGR / Budz & mention @WeedConnection

#Fire #OG #CO2 #Wax #Fire #OG #CO2 #Wax #Joint #instaGram

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