Acquired From: Green Miracle Healing (GMH)
Price: $20/Gram, $55/8th
Reviewed By:
- Wed, 22 Apr 2009 14:20:07 PST

GMH OG #1 from Green Miracle Healing is THE house strain. This OG Kush has the very strong and distinct OG smell and taste! The nugz are so fresh (dense but not too dense, stickiness holds it together) and they burn so well!! The colors include various shades of green ranging in darker from the point where they were trimmed to light green and thin stems. Completely covered in sticky opaque clear yellowish crystals, inside and out, these buds are so fresh and stinky it is making it that much harder to concentrate on writing this review; rather than packing another bowl just so I can taste the dank sauce. There are also tons of little brown hairs. The fade is strong and will sooth all of your aches, pains, disorders, and medical cannabis needs. Cruise over to Green Miracle Healing (GMH) in North-North Hollywood, Laurel Canyon and Sherman Way-ish and get some of this chronic!!! The Banana OG is legit as well~~ Tell them you read this review on Weed Connection dot Com!!!


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