Blackberry (GPC)
Acquired From: (GPC)
Price: $23/Gram, $65/8th
Reviewed By:
- Tue, 21 Apr 2009 16:20:17 PST

The Blackberry from (GPC) was cured and burned just right. The fade was mellow and the buds were so frosty that they left kif everywhere. The nugs were light green and covered in white crystals with small leaves, which were also covered in crystals. Meds were not very sticky because of the age and dryness of the buds. Had a taste that could be described as lavender berry. My hits were smooth. The stems were minimal. I keep saying were because I went through my gram quick all gone. WERE good nugs but I had to smoke a lot to get really high... but then I again I am always medicated and this was not my first hit of the day. Check out Greener Pastures of Beverly Hills. They have a chill little club with some nice organic flowerz. Tell them Weed Connection referred you!!

Blackberry (GPC)

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