Acquired From: OGR, AHS, GHC
Price: $ Gift / Donation / 15/G, 45/8th, 90/Q, 170/hO, 330/O
Reviewed By: maryjane@weedconnection.com
medz :: strains
- Fri, 05 Dec 2014 04:20:21 PST

Hawaiian Lightning is a strain best described as similar to dank beasters like bc budz but the frosty and more potent Hawaiian version. The roots could come from a variety a treez, but definitely not OG like someone tried to tell me. This sativa dominant possible hybrid has a sweet piney hay flavor, hits smooths, and the high is functional on the upper side, which is what this patient was looking for in a choice free gram with donation. That and a strain that we had yet to review. Email for locations and personal recommendations. Support, subscribe, follow, share, like, and get the free gift selection @WeedConnection


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