Acquired From: Timothy Leary Memorial Dispensary (TLMD)
Price: $20/G, $60/8th
Reviewed By: buffalosoldier@weedconnection.com
- Mon, 12 Oct 2009 23:29:00 PST

HEROuauna from Timothy Leary Memorial Dispensary (TLMD) is the uber indica. Based on the name alone, one would be correct to assume this flower will knock you the canna-fudge out. My tolerance allowed for a somewhat functional high; however, a neophyte would prolly be left incapacitated, with heavy eyelids, and a serious case of the munchies. If you can follow movies well while you are extremely crippled and/or enjoy other activities that do not require much activity I would recommend doing that. Basically, once you blaze this ish you are going to want nothing more than to relax and maybe sip on something as delicious as a 420 Energy Drink to balance out the coma-toasted-ness and the munchies. Or maybe you will take this medicine before bed as an alternative to dangerously addictive sleeping pillz. The budz look kinda like OG Kush as they are covered with small clear-ish crystals and long curvy brown hairs. There might even be more crystals and hairs than OG. The buds are also a little bigger and darker. HEROuauna has a kushy, hashy, spicy, and overall gripping flavor and odor, but what really gets me is the crippling high! Stop by TLMD and pick some up!! Tell them that you read this review!!!



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