Kush Hash Oil
Acquired From: OGR
Price: $30/G
Reviewed By: russellrope@weedconnection.com
- Wed, 24 Feb 2010 11:11:11 PST

The most legit Kush Hash Oil I have seen in recent daze! Good thing OGR is back with the dank medz for the iLLest. This stuff is really potent and should be used sparingly; unless your physician recommends otherwise. We only picked it up because someone was having us test it on a new brand of vaporizer cigz. It was too thick to vaporize given the lack of serious heat coming from the atomizer. The vape kinda worked with the THC Glycerine. Fortunately this oil can be dripped on a bowl or OG knife hits are always good for fun times! The taste is sweet and harsh. A big rip will make ya cough. A huge rip will make you cough up a lung. When I cough that usually means that hit got me ripped. Get rippled with the Rope.

Kush Hash Oil

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