King Kush
Acquired From: Liberty Bell Temple, W.E.E.D., Roots Collective, Sunset OG, and Organica
Price: $20-30, $60-80
Reviewed By:
- Thu, 15 Oct 2009 20:21:00 PST

King Kush is mos-definitely the kush of kings and is for sure one of the best strains I have come across in a while. Perhaps the most sought after strain in Los Angeles right now; far better than anything I saw during a recent trip to Nor Cal where I visited over fifty collectives. No offense to Nor Cal. The trip and medication were amazing. You guys have the incredible purps, astounding outdoor grown, and some collectives have various top quality strains; however, nothing I saw in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Novato, Marin, etc. even compared to the KING KUSH! King Kush is an indica-sativa hybrid with an origin of Master Kush x Bubba Kush. The nugz are lighter green and less dense than Bubba and Master.

These extremely potent budz are swimming in trichromes, which make them look super frosty, especially in contrast to their brown hairs. The smell and flavor are what you would expect from that cross except only about a thousand times better! The aroma is so attractive it must have pheromones in it. In fact, if there is really a perfume or cologne that is called "Cannabi for Men" or "Cannabi for Women" it should smell like this! The taste is just like the smell: sweet and kushy, more perfumy than pungent, a little soapy, outerspacy, and overall otherworldly. The fade hits you almost immediately and it does not take much to get you dancing on the ceiling. My guess is that most people who blaze this will actually want to chillax rather than dance; for me, this is spinach gives me that Poteye I mean Popeye style energy! Every person in Nor Cal and each of my friends in So Cal who blazed or smelled my King Kush were either blown away, HIGHly impressed, or green-eyed.

The first time I saw true King Kush was at the W.E.E.D. dispensary in Sherman Oaks. Their King Kush is outstanding and possibly almost as good as the remarkable King Kush I have also seen at and more recently picked up from Organica in Venice/WestLA, Sunset OG in Hollywood, Roots Collective in Woodland Hills, and from the former Liberty Bell Temple which is now the Temple of Zion of Los Angeles. The batch photographed was from LBT. This strain goes for $20-30/G and $60-80/8th. I personally guarantee you that the real deal is worth every penny. BTW, this was also one of the flowers that the cops held for three and a half months after busting me for felony possession (which was dismissed in court). When they finally returned the King Kush along with the rest of my medication and the Caviar Hash (which I crowned it with), well... it had been a while since I was that content and HiGH in spirit. If you want to get this then you should call these collectives before visiting to see if they are holding. Always tell them Weed Connection referred you. Keep medicating!!!

King Kush

King Kush

King Kush

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