#Nameless #OG #Kush
Acquired From: OGR, AHS, GC
Price: $20/G, 50/8th, 90/Q, $180/hO, $350/O
Reviewed By: ogprog@weedconnection.com
medz :: strains
- Sat, 22 Jul 2017 04:20:21 PST

Namesless OG Kush is a strong strain with or without a name. This chronic has a very pungent OGK flavor to savor. It really hits your nose compared to other dank top shelf kush. The nuggets are dense and coated with THC loaded trichomes. The high is heavy and relaxing and fly. Get 50% off FTP. Definitely worth a 25 dollar 8th++ Connect for more information, locations, dank deals, and custom recommendations. Support, subscribe, follow, share, like, and try this supreme selection @WeedConnection #FreeTheOG

#Nameless #OG #Kush

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