#Platinum #Ogre
Acquired From: OGR, AHS, SSC, UC
Price: $10/G, 35/8th, 70/Q, 140/hO, 280/O
Reviewed By: ogprog@weedconnection.com
medz :: strains
- Sat, 09 Apr 2016 04:20:21 PST

Platinum Ogre is an exceptionally frosty version of the Ogre Kush. Frosty = THC/trichomes/crystals. The nugs are light and burn well, hit smooth, but lack the flavor to savor. The high is chill, but not as strong as a good OG Kush. This is chronic, but for the patient seeking a moderate hybrid effect. Email for more information, locations, and custom recommendations. Support, subscribe, follow, share, like, and mention @WeedConnection

#Platinum #Ogre 

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