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By russellrope@weedconnection.com
- Sun, 12 Aug 2012 04:20:00 PST

Patrick Cochrun, known as Pakelika, was a true OG hip-hop performance artist and former member of the Kottonmouth Kings. Pakelika died of cardiac arrest following an asthma attack Saturday night. My first memory of Pakelika is also my first memory of KmK, which was also the first concert I remember attending, at least without the rents. The show was at the Palace of Hollywood, which is now called Avalon. This was probably almost twenty years go. Pakelika was the most memorable person in that performance. At six foot seven, Pakelika was a towering, pop-locking, boozing and bong-loading presence on the stage. This guy had moves from another planet. Fortunately, I got to meet and kick it with the d00d a few times. Pakelika was so chill to me each time we crossed paths. It is a real tragedy that he was only forty-one when he passed. Blaze one or two for him and if you do not know who to vote for in the next presidential election, I can assure you that if you fill in "Pakelika for President" on the ballot, you would be honoring his legacy. Bong RiP Pakelika, Kottonmouth King.

#Bong #RiP @Pakelika10 #KmK

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