High Grow 4.20
By captainchronic@weedconnection.com
- Wed, 18 Apr 2007 04:20:00 PST

This program follows years of research on the growth and life cycle of Cannabis, a plant that is not only a very important part of the cultural and spiritual life of millions of people around the world, but is also increasingly being used for a wide variety of medicinal purposes. The program allows you to choose three marijuana seeds and plant them in three pots in a virtual growroom. When watered, these seeds will all germinate and begin their life cycle as determined by their genetic structure. By caring for your plants every few days, you\'ll be able to watch them grow strongly and develop potent flowering buds. If you ignore or forget about them however, they will die after a week or two. You\'ll be able to manage and control the plants\' environment by watering, fertilizing and by adjusting the light height and photoperiod. You will also be able to control and improve growth by pruning growing tips. Finally, you willll decide the exact moment to harvest your crop. When you harvest your plants, the dry mass, health and final potency (measured in THC) of each plant is calculated and compared with each other (and with other plants from previous efforts). You will then be awarded a certificate of merit for every plant you successfully harvest.

High Grow 4.20

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