#Oscars #OG
Posted By ogprog@weedconnection.com
- Sun, 02 Mar 2014 04:20:21 PST

Weed and music make everything better, but marijuana makes music, and music and weed help make movies.... Weed Connection is not just about that kush candy, but also includes everything else the culture encompasses such as both ear and eye candy, plus some munchies....it is all connected. This OG Cannabis Infotainment is information and entertainment and what really makes a good movie is a great story, one that you can follow and enjoy while you are high. Get the dank creativity inspiring slash sensory stimulating Oscars OG @WeedConnection (medz), peep the The Academy Awards and/or some dope movies, and follow for more stoner movie reviews probably returning soon....

#Oscars #OG  

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