Platinum Bubba
Acquired From: Liberty Bell Temple (now known as Temple of Zion)
Price: $20/G, $55/8th
Reviewed By:
- Tue, 06 Oct 2009 18:44:00 PST

The Platinum Bubba from the establishment formerly known as The Liberty Bell Temple is Superb like our web host and it is definitely danker than any other ordinary Bubba. This strain is part of the medz that were confiscated by the police back in June and then just recently returned. You cannot get this at LBT anymore because they moved into a bigger location somewhere by Dodger Stadium which is now known as The Temple of Zion. You might want to try there. See the review for their old spot. > Click here < Back to the platinum unit or should I say the platinum rope, which is equisite, robust, perfectly trimmed, and exceptionally cured. The nugz are dense, but not as dense as they are resinated with perfection. The color is a shade lighter than forest green; however, the leafier parts are covered with massively potent crystals, which make the buds look more two-tone green with a platinum sparkle and an accent of light-brown-dark-orange hairs. These flowerz have the most incredible and distinctive Bubba Kush aroma that is sweet, lemony, soapy, perfumy, candylike, and otherwordly. Tastes and smells sweeter than the more deliciously pungent and heavy hittin OG Kush. This batch definitely deserves the quote Platinum end quote label because this one hit wonder with many hits to come should get a record-breaking record deal that might prossibly only be matched by the soon to be reviewed King Kush (also acquired from LBT) and perhaps a few of our other favorites. Platinum Bubba is one half magic and the other half Bubba Kush, an indica dominant Master Kush and Bubblegum cross. For bud leaning towards the indica side, this medication has a surprisingly upbeat, clear, and blissful high. On the contrary, Bubba seems to vary these days and the fade can differ flowerz-to-flowerz. Personally, I took more than the necessary one hit before writing this review. Actually, I took several rips from my bong, Blitzefang, which left me glued to my chair and in a deep trance full of internal conversation during the beginning, more intense and euphoric part of my high; at least before I snapped to and started pounding on my keyboard. Did not get cottonmouth but I am starting to get the munchies or maybe it is just getting close to dinner and I am naturally hungry. I guess I will smoke more and find out! This medicine is highly recommended for chillaxin. Dr. Greenthumb would prolly prescribe Platinum Bubba for pain, headaches, insomnia, and stress. Take a minimum of one hit every day for overall wellbeing. Stay medicated! Weed Connection referred you!!

Platinum Bubba

Platinum Bubba

Platinum Bubba

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