Bag O' Tricks + Original KAOS
Acquired From: [removed for now]
Price: $17.14/G, 60/8th + PriceLe$$ Kao$
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- Thu, 06 May 2010 04:20:00 PST

Bag O' Tricks is an awesome hybrid with crossed genetics from six uber strains including XXX OG Kush, SFV OG, White Widow, Sour Diesel, Bubba Kush & SECRET iNGREDiENT (the last strain is confidential like the recipe to Coke-a-Cola)! Bag O' Tricks smells like a dank concoction of the flowerz listed; get lifted! The Bag-O-TRiX fadezZz like birds fly above. Smoke some of this and float like a dove. Sending Original KAOS some OG love!

The piece photographed and reviewed here is known as the Triple Phat 19 Kaos. The glass is triple thick and every inch of the this sixteen inch piece was flamed to OG Kaos perfection. The bowl and female pieces are glass on glass with a sweet diffuser end going into the H2O. The tube is divided into 3hree chambers. The female/diffuser/downstem leads into the first beaker shaped bubble located towards the base. Located in the middle of the tube, the second chamber/bubble has a four branch percolator. Finally, the third chamber is what can be described as half pill bubble shaped dry diffuser followed by an ice pinch and the mouth piece. The letters "K-A-O-S" are proudly printed in rasta colors on the face of the tube and there is a signature "Original Kaos" mushroom logo embossed on the back.

Our story behind this piece totally embodies chaos or "kaos": Kaos was three booths down from us at THC Expose. On the second day we asked Rob, owner of Kaos, for a new "piece" to review. Figured he minsinterpreted the request when he came back with this little dinky pinky sized pipe; decided not to take it and that we would come back on the last day. During the early part of the last day we pulled Rob into our booth for a vape load...we stopped by again later that day and asked for a "bong" to review, he came at us with a bigger-but-not-big piece; this time a weak and cheap looking bong with a flimsy "O" ring style, out-of-style, bowl piece...

Hinting we wanted something better, I asked him: "Wouldn't you rather give us something that promotes your business?" He went to a different display case and pulled out what I thought to be exactly what I had in mind. Little did we know that he was concealing a broken percolator behind where his hand grasped the bong as he showed it to us and directed our eyes towards the writing on around the part that holds downstem. We later heard the sound of the glass before noticing the chaos of the broken percolator resting in the otherwise good as new water-pipe and putting this story together like Sherlock found his pipe with a crack in it. There was also a tiny bug in the bottom of the big bubble. We cleaned it out proper steez.

This bong RiPz! "Kaos" at its finest! Kaos makes some Serious-ly PiMP pieces. Buy Original Kaos glass and stop by [removed for now] for some medz (ask for the first time patient free sandwich gift card)!!!

Bag O' Tricks    Bag O' Tricks

Bag O\' Tricks    Bag O' Tricks

Bag O' Tricks    Bag O' Tricks

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